『The Big Book of Weaving』

The Big Book of Weaving: Handweaving in the Swedish Tradition: Techniques, Patterns, Designs and MaterialsThe Big Book of Weaving: Handweaving in the Swedish Tradition: Techniques, Patterns, Designs and Materials
Laila Lundell

Trafalgar Square Pub 2008-05
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by G-Tools

作者も手持ちの『STORA VÄVBOKEN』と同じ人だし。そもそも、STORA VÄVBOOKENって、BIG WEAVING BOOKらしいから、内容も近いかもしれないし、と思ったのです。

届いてみたら、表紙に「Also Known as Stora Vävboken」とわざわざ書いてありました……。つまり同じ本?表紙は全然違うのになあ、と思いつつ中身を確認すると。


本の構成は(英語だからスウェーデン語よりはわかるということを差し引いても)『The Big Book of Weaving』の方がわかりやすいように思います。
# ていうか、もしかして、私が持っている
# 『STORA VÄVBOKEN』の改訂版が出ていて、
# それを英語訳したのでしょうか?



  • How Does a Loom Works?
  • Writing the Project Notes
  • The First Practice Weaving[Plain Weave]
  • Getting Started with a Practice Weaving(45頁!)
  • Kitchen Towels with Small Blocks[Plain Weave]
  • Band for Towel Hanging Loop[Warp-effect rep](バンド織りのリジットヘドルにて)
  • Striped Kitchen Hand Towels[Plain Weave with weft stripes in twill and broken twill]
  • Writing a Warp Sequence
  • Twill Rag Rug[Like-sided straight twill with 4 shafts]
  • Striped Pillows[Weft-effect broken twill]
  • Color-Effect Mohair Throw[Twill with hound's tooth color-effect]
  • A Small Alpaca Throw[Goose-eye]
  • Small Reverse-Treadled Rag Rug[6-shaft diamond twill, reverse treadling]
  • Finished after the Fabric has been cut from the Loom
  • Washing and Fabric Care
  • Choosing Materials
  • Rag Rugs
  • Choosing a Weaving Technique - The Pattern
  • Determining the Warp Sett
  • Choosing the Right Weft Density
  • Determining the Warp Spacing
  • How to Calculate the Materials for a Weaving
  • Cord-Striped Bags[Weft Cord]
  • Checked Fabric[Reinforced weft weave structure]
  • Long Table Runners in Rep Weave[Warp rep with color effects]
  • Analyzing a Weaving Technique
  • The Pattern Draft
  • Profile Drafts
  • Balancing Patterns
  • Large Checked Rep Rug[Warp-effect rep with color effect]
  • Rosepath Band[Rosepath lengthwise]
  • Cotton Summer Curtains[Plain weave and Swedish lace "mosquito lace" block]
  • Bags with Bead Panels[Three-treadle weave]
  • Large Alpaca Shawl[Lace and Plain weave]
  • Decorative Rosepath Weaving[Bound Rosepath]
  • Boa with Rya Knots[Block twill with rya knots]
  • Slit Rya for a Bench[Different-sided point twill with rya knots]
  • Dice-Weave Pillow[Pattern weft on plain weave background, sometimes called "dice-weave"
  • Double Width Throw[Double weave in basket weave]
  • Decorative Weaving with Paper Yarn[Plain weave with warp floats]
  • Paper Yarn Screen[Lace weave variation]
  • Warp-Printed Fabric[Plain weave[threaded on 4 shafts because of the tight sett]]
  • Half-Linen Mats[Half däll]
  • Inlay Rag RUg[Weft-effect rep with inlay of rya knots, loops, and HV-technique]
  • Old-Fashioned Weaving[Monk's Belt]
  • Rag Rug x 2[Weft enhanced plain weave]
  • Bathroom Mats[Block twill on 8 shafts]
  • Alpaca Scarf[Wavy twill on 8 shafts]
  • Four Decorative Sample Strips
  • Inlay Weaving Techniques(HV-Technique, Russian Weaving, DukagAaring;ng, Small dots Inlay, Large Dots Inlay, Loop Technique, Weaving Contour Figures, Kilim, Equilateral Joins in Norwegian Rölakan, Half Crabba, Soumak technique, Contour Threads for the soumak technique, Rya, Shadow Weaving, Serrations)
  • Transparent Interior Furnishing Fabric[HV-technique]
  • Furnishing Fabrics x 2[Livikas and Taqueté]
  • Room Divider[HV-technique]
  • Cotton Baby Blankets[Block double weave in tabby]
  • Linen Table Runners and Hand Towels[Dräll with 5 shaft satin background]
  • Coordinated Furnishing Fabrics
  • Colorful Pillows[Block double weave in plain weave]
  • Picnic Blanket[Block double weave in plain weave]
  • Woolen Baby Blanket[Block double weave in plain weave]
  • Weaving Tools
  • Additional Information about Measuring the Warp
  • A Closer Look at the Warping Process
  • How to Set Up a Countermarch Looms
  • General Checks and Adjustments - Before Weaving Begins
  • Considerations as You Weave
  • Special Arrangements for Particular Types of Weaving
  • Finding Mistakes
  • Problem while Weaving
  • Finishing


■Finished after the Fabric has been cut from the Loomのfrom the Loomとはどういう意味か、と質問をいただきました。
しかし、white from the loomなどというように使っていた例があったとのこと。……なんでしょう、white。
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